Event Request Agreement

All event requests are held for review. Upon approval, you will receive an email informing you that your event has been added to our calendar. We recommend scheduling your event at least 6-8 weeks in advance from the date you request. This gives us time to assure that the calendar is clear for you. If you have multiple dates for meetings, registration, etc. in preparation for your event, you’ll want to inform us in this request form as well.

Fees for building rental, cleaning, and additional needs are listed below and are available to add to your event request if necessary.

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Building Rental – Cleaning – Add-ons – Fees

Each rental space will be available for set up at least 30 minutes before the event, unless otherwise arranged. A walk through will be done after each event.

Building Rental

  • Main Building $50.00 Per Hour

    *Upstairs Classes included with main building rental fee, unless they are already in use the day of requested event.

  • Kitchen $25.00 Per Hour

  • Main Building Bathrooms

  • Required Cleaning/Building Walk Through Fee $25.00
  • A/V & Sound $35.00 Per Hour

  • Lobby $25.00 Per Hour

  • Children’s Building $25.00 Per Hour

  • Children’s Building Bathrooms

  • Trailer $30.00 Per Hour

  • CORE Christian Park

  • Springs Classroom $25.00 Per Hour

  • Mountain View Classroom $25.00 Per Hour

Cleaning Add-ons

  • Vacuum Main Building $15.00
  • Kitchen $25.00
  • Vacuum Lobby $10.00
  • Vacuum Children’s Building $10.00
  • Vacuum Trailer $5.00
  • Picking up trash, wiping down tables and any other flat surfaces $15.00
  • Tablecloth Laundry Fee $10.00

Set Up / Tear Down

Cost goes up based on the amount of requested setup/tear down and/or time. The total will be discussed and agree upon before the event is scheduled on the calendar.

  • Setup or teardown of tables and chairs – Minimum of $25.00
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Need to Update Event Info?

Use this form to update your event information and notices for cancelation, date changes, time changes, or to update the event communication methods.

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