What We Offer

We are committed to helping families with members that have special needs attend church services.  If you have any questions or would like to see different types of programs implemented, please feel free to connect with our team of special needs professionals.

Available At Meridian Point Church

Helping Buddies


Meridian Point Church offers a Helping Buddy to accompany your special needs child when attending our Children’s Ministry program or the general worship service. Please request this assistance either when you sign your child in at the Children’s Building or to a door greeter in the Main Building,  A Helping Buddy will stay by your child during the entire Children’s Ministry program, assisting as the need arises, making necessary accommodations so that your child can participate in the activities to the fullest degree. If your child would prefer to attend the general worship, a Helping Buddy will sit next to your child for the duration of the service.  Helping Buddies can also assist with checking out sensory equipment for your child, if needed.


Helping Buddies are also available for family members with special needs who have aged out of Children’s Ministry. A Helping Buddy will sit by your family member during the general worship service to help navigate social situations and answer questions.

Resource Lending Cart

During both worship services, there is a resource lending cart that consists of sensory manipulatives, weighted lap blankets, headphones, as well as other items available for you to borrow. These items may be used in either the general service or during Children’s Ministry in the Children’s Building. These items are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Sensory Room

The Children’s Building houses a Sensory Room that special needs family members can visit to experience a calm atmosphere during service times. A Helping Buddy can escort your family member to the sensory room and stay with your family member until they are feeling more able to rejoin the Children’s Ministry Program or the general worship service.

Available At Hills Christian Church

Hills Christian Church also offers resource lending.  As a small church body, and newer church plant, however, a Helping Buddy may not be available unless one is requested in advance.

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