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CORE Christian Community K-5th Parents!

My name is Anastasia Stephan. I am originally from North Carolina – Go Tarheels! My husband Nate and I moved out here a little over 13 years ago with our three boys to help start Meridian Point Church. While here we have added two girls and two dogs to our family. I enjoy reading, writing, watching Winnie the Pooh, strong coffee, hiking, and running. I am kind of a serious soul, so I surround myself with things and people that make me laugh. I have volunteered in the Nursery, Preschool, and for the past several years, with the K-5th graders. My role has been Small Group Leader, Assistant Teacher, Lead Teacher, and Ministry Organizer or Team Leader for the K-5th. Recently as Meridian Point Church and Hills Christian Church have come together as The CORE Christian Community, my position has gained some clarity.

For MPC, I am still Lead Teacher most weeks for at least one of the services. As we gain more volunteers this could shift some, but I will still be present and involved in your children’s Sunday mornings. I also plan out how we will implement our 3 “Stones” (priorities) within our K-5th Grade Ministry. (More on that below.) I find, train, equip, and come alongside K-5th volunteers, with the hopes that they will feel confident, ready, and supported as they minister to your children. (Background checks are always administered to volunteers 18 years and older.) I am also the person you as parents can come to with any questions concerning what is happening in our K-5th Kids Ministry.

For The CORE (Meridian Point Church & Hills Christian Church), I plan and send out lessons and prepare all of the materials that are needed each week. I make sure that any events or priorities that are planned for the CORE K-5th Grade Ministry include both our congregations, and I supply the necessary resources and support. My primary involvement with HCC is with the staff and the volunteers over K-5th.

I have the great opportunity each week to collaborate with the CORE staff so that the K-5th Grade Ministry works well with each ministry within our Church Families. Our hope is that your kiddos know they are part of something bigger. To kick-start 2020, we have been talking with our K-5th graders about what C.O.R.E. stands for (Corporate worship, Others focused, Relationships, and Education) as that is the DNA of our Church Community. We also introduced our 3 Stones for 2020 – Lead, Lift, Launch! When we Lead them, we are teaching them. This year’s resource for “Lead” is The Jesus Storybook Bible curriculum. We have really enjoyed these lessons and look forward to a great year in God’s Word! When we Lift them, we are discipling them – showing them how to live out the teaching. This year, as in year’s past, we will be hosting Eagle Lake Camp On-Location at the CORE Community Center. Camp week is June 29-July 3. If you are brand new to camp, you receive an extra $50 off your camp price! Also, the referral program is still in place; if you refer a friend and they attend, you both receive $20 off. BONUS: you can refer as many friends as you want and receive more discounts when they register! Finally, when we Launch them, we are giving them opportunities to serve. This year our CORE Kids will be collecting items for Operation Christmas Child each month and then coming together for a shoebox packing party in early November.

I will be sending out the occasional newsletter for our K-5th Grade Ministry. If you would like to receive those, please sign up by registering at the bottom of our CORE Kids page. If you have any questions about C.O.R.E. Kids, please email me or find me on Sundays.

There is no greater blessing for me than to see God’s Word come alive in the lives of our kiddos. Thank you for entrusting them to us. I look forward to growing in relationship with your family. May we be found faithful


Anastasia Stephan