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*This form is available to Ministry Organizers involved within our congregations, not special events being held by those outside the congregations we oversee. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please fill out this form if you’re needing an event registration form, advertisement flyers, images, banners, posters, or other forms of publication. Use this form for anything that needs to be advertised or if you need people to register. If you have an event that needs to go on the calendar, please use the Event Request Form first in order to reserve the time and facilities. This form is also for advertisements requesting volunteers, donations, opportunities to serve, etc.

Submission Deadline

Please note that your submission will be under review and posted in a timely fashion and is subject to editing. All requests must be submitted by TUESDAY midnight to be posted before the weekend you’d like your advertisement published.

Communication Form

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Request Your Event
Before you go any further, you must submit your event for review on the calendar. Please go to our Event Request form to make a reservation.
Update Your Event/Announcement Info
If you're updating information, dates or times for events or announcements, please go to our Event or Announcement Update form to make changes to events already approved or announcements already submitted and advertised.

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Advertisement Design

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Special Info About The Ad
Please explain any information you'd like me to know in creating this ad for you. For example, how often you need them, any special updating, if this is a template for more ads later down the road, etc.
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Registration Form

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